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Time Attendance Software Talos


The product is thinked and realized to supply the time attendance managment of enterprises and working groups. Companies has the opportunity to manage with extreme accuracy, without unnecessary waste, all operations related to employees time managment.

The software is able to manages employees of many companies, with different branches - that are also dislocated on the territory.


The system for time attendance control is supplied in SAS (Software As Service) modality. All applications are installed on our servers and are accessible by a standard web interface, realized to semplify the human rescource manager in the most frequent operations.


With Talos® the company can supply, through its own intranet/extranet, all the informations useful for their employees, in a focused, secure and fast way, reducing drasticly all the continuos demands to HR Dept. At the same time the enterprise image improve.


Main features:


  • Low priced application and cheap maintenance
  • Automatic Report Production and PayRoll calculation
  • Allow enterprises to save time and money, cancelling  the cost for external consultants support for Payroll
  • The system is costantly improved and updated
  • The system is accessible from a standard Web Interface, so no software is necessary to install on the PC
  • Platform indipendent: works on all operating systems: Windows, Max, Linux, Android, etc.
  • Everyday scheduled backup
  • Possibility of software personalizations
  • Continuos support 



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