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Time attendance control of the Personnel

iGuard is an advanced device for the employees’ attendance management. Time attendance registration can be done via a RFID (proximity technology) badge or through PIN. The attendance control,  can be done directly through an Internet browser or dedicated software.

Time attendance - time records

The employees can use a RFID badge or PIN when they are clocking-in or clocking-out. The use of the badge or PIN can be combined to increase further the security and to avoid buddy punching. Through the web based management software it is also possible to add manually log of employee presence (clocking in and out).

Attendance control – time records management

The employee’s time records verification can be done through a web server integrated in the device, using iServer2 free software or through dedicated software for attendance management.

Exclusive management of the attendance tracking device

iGuard is the only and unique time attendance tracking device with integrated web server. Due to the patented technology it is the only device with integrated software that allows access management, attendance verification, employees control through network and Internet.

A live demo of the integrated software is available at live.iguardsystem.eu

Attendance management software – in conformity with Unique Book of Labor


Through Crono time attendance management software, monitoring and verifying the employees worked hours is no longer a problem: practical and intuitive management, advanced features and data exportation for payroll management software. Instead, through API (development kit) it is possible to integrate for free iGuard to any third-party software.

iGuard is the ideal solution for:


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