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New version of iGuard out now: new technology, same card!

iGuard renews itself with the LM520-xxx-UC (Universal Connector) model

iGuard is a simple and innovative time attendance device for the access control and presence detection. It works through the recognition of the fingerprint (access control biometric) or reading the proximity cards (access control RFID).

iGuard represents the perfect solution for all the companies, of any size, which need to implement an access control system or want to automate the presence detection and increase the security.

The new model developed by Infordata has the interface RS232 that allows to manage any external card reader, in addition to all the features of the prior model. The interface allows to interact with:


  • RFID cards with other technologies such as 125Khz, Read only, the iCode, HID, ecc.
  • Magnetic cards
  • Barcode cards

Another advantage is its capacity to manage hybrid card technologies, so there is the possibility to assign to the worker 2 cards with different serial numbers, each one for different tasks.

The iGuard with the Universal Connector option is the perfect solution for the companies which want to change their current control access system or automated attendance tracking system without changing the cards already used by the workers.