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iGuard Overview and Specifications



Multiple authentication methods

iGuard can identify users through: digital fingerprint verification; proximity card (Smart Card) and PIN log-in smart card and/or fingerprint authentication. iGuard thus proves to be a flexible system perfectly meeting any security level your company may need.

time attendaceAccess Control and Attendance Tracking Systems

iGuard analyzes and compares a user's fingerprint against that enrolled in either the device or the smart card. If data coincide, the user is authenticated and iGuard will open access door and save both entry date and time. A dedicated button allows the reason for entering or leaving the business premises to be stored, too. The use of digital fingerprints in attendance tracking devices eliminates the problem of buddy-punching.

Differentiated access rightsDifferentiated access rights

iGuard will simplify security planning and human resources management by enabling you to assign specific users differentiated access rights, change or withdraw them at any time.

Information access and reports

iGuard's built-in server database allows easy retrieval of information about personnel access, thus considerably reducing time spent on attendance tracking, hours of work and overtime. Differently from other similar devices, information is available in real time and can be exported as ASCII file format or any other format compatible with Office. Our download area includes iServer 2, a free downloadable tool allowing you to record and save access logs by transferring them to an ODBC database. A complete control of all the devices installed in both the company headquarters and its affiliates is thus possible. The optional software iWork includes advanced features for a thorough attendance tracking management.

System customization

Instead of existing software applications for iGuard it is possible to create new and connect it to iGuard. In the download area you can find the free API (Application Programming Interface) that allow you to write a software and connect it to access control device iGuard.