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iGuard user guide

Download the latest user guide in Italian

iGuard - usage notes

iGuard’s built-in digital fingerprint sensor is a solid device designed to work over a long period without any problems. The sensor requires very little maintenance and, if used with care, can guarantee excellent performance over a long period of time. Here follows the cleaning procedure recommended by Veridicom, the fingerprint-sensor producer.

Firmware Updates Firmware

form to receive the latest updates.

API Software Development Kit (SDK) Development Kit (SDK)

  • Software Development Kit is availbale
Note: to use these APIs you need to download the latest software updates. It includes an example of source codes.

New functions:

  1. ActiveX Control for Microsoft Visual Basic
  2. Command Line Tools for Command Prompt of MS Windows.
  3. Some new API functions added (work with firmware 3.0.1916A or later)

Download the latest free iGuard API (SDK)

Sample MS Excel file for payroll

The file contains four sheets:

  1. «export» attendance report
  2. «link» an intermediate sheet to figure out the data necessary for the following two sheets
  3. «Late Analysis» this is a "late analysis" of all the employees in bar-chart form.
Please note that this is an example for demonstration purposes only. You can re-design and adapt reports based on the needs of your company. Reports are created by means of Excel built-in functions, like AutoFolter and Pivot Table Report. Incomparably simple! Please note that this example only uses the built-in functions, such as the 'AutoFilter' & 'Pivot Table Report...'. There is no programming required.

iServer 2 (iGuard Auto-Logging Server for ODBC)

iServer 2 is an updated version of iServer and can work with Microsoft ODBC interface. With this software data are directly saved as database or text files. Lots of new features added to server.

Clock setting utility


This little utility helps you synchronize the real time clock of iGuard terminal and your PC (operatine systems Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP).


Remote door access

Easy and fast way to unlock door from one or more workstations by double-clicking on the icon in the start menu.

Fingerprint image check


Software to see fingerprint image on the screen of your PC.

Users Database Import

Utility for employees import (uses CSV format)