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Software Development Kit / API for integration with iGuard access & attendance device


We offer API free of charge to all developers who want to integrate iGuard device with their applications.

No limits, no hidden costs to integrate iGuard

Unlike other manufacturers our terminal is "open", allowing developers to integrate it with third-party applications.

Advanced programming tools


Together with API we provide programming examples in Visual Basic. NET, C / C + +. Find a detailed programming manual in support.
Besides Windows, no limit for the operating systems

For those who want to develop applications with other operating systems we offer also additional tools to program even in Linux, Mac, PHP and XML environment. Through URL commands, it is possible to query SQL database of the device for data’s reading and writing.

Comprehensive data management


  Through API you can manage:

* Employees: insertion, modification and deletion

* Departments / groups: insertion, modification and deletion

* Access control: modify the access privileges

* Time attendance: download and delete time records

iServer2: a valid alternative for the fast integration


By using free software iServer2, it is possible interfacing with iGuard, to download automatically the time records. The time records download software iServer2 can be interfaced to any database through ODBC of windows: text, Access, SQL, Oracle. The exported data can be parameterized therefore for integration with your application it would be enough to set the data importation from an already existing file.

Download the latest API (SDK) for iGuard

SDK and API are ideal for:

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